Candace Franco, Training Director at The Outlook Group, recently wanted to learn what was happening in the field with the Consumer Presentation Aid. As previously reported in the blog post dated October 8, 2014, the Consumer Presentation Aid has proven to increase the value of funeral service for consumers and funeral homes / mortuaries (7.5% average increase in services and merchandise, 8.0% increase in services alone). Candace wanted to know about the experiences consumers, Advance Funeral Planners, and funeral home staffs were she asked.

“I use it (Consumer Presentation Aid) for every family. It helps the family see the value in funeral service. I very rarely have a direct disposition. Most of the time families who come in with the idea to just cremate decide to have some kind of memorial service or a graveside service. I don’t know for sure but I think my averages are better than on the at-need side.”

Matt F.

“I really like the updates to the last page - I find them very helpful. The Wordle opens people up. It’s an icebreaker. I’ve gotten some positive feedback from my at-need funeral directors. They share it with the family and they tell me it really opens up the dialog. Families are very moved when they see that their mom thought about them, mentioned their name, and circled this or that on the Wordle and it was important to her.”

Shirlene B.

“My favorite page is the one that helps me share the benefits of pre-planning. I often make a copy of that page to send home with the family. I find most people’s questions are more technical in nature and that page along with the last page are very helpful”.

Eric S.

“I’d say 95% of the families I see respond positively to the CPA. A few, mostly men, push back a little. I win them over … I use it anyway because it keeps the appointment on track. At first I thought the Wordle page was a little corny but now I love it because it brings up stuff they forgot. Folks underestimate themselves … with the Wordle they see they won’t be a bother. The final page really works. More people reach a decision … I have better results when I use the page."

Michelle O.

"The ideas are always good - great organization...The Outlook staff is always so helpful and looks out for everyone. I appreciate everything they do for us. I know with the increased production the staff is overloaded with work. Thank you!"

Don Odom
Goldfinch Funeral and Cremation Services