Karen Gregosky

I believe in love your neighbor.  Who is my neighbor and who should I love?  Everyone is my neighbor, even the unlovable.  For me, this goes hand in hand with loving our customers.  Who are my customers and who should I love?  Everyone is my customer.  Our Vision statement is exactly right, simple, straight and to the point.  I like straight and to the point especially at 6:00 in the morning.  I am easily distracted, but I can focus on the words in our Vision statement every morning.  Not exactly when my feet hit the floor, but before I go out the door.  I do obsess over the customer, I know my stuff, and I strive to do the little things better than anyone else.  I am a middle child, thus I am a people pleasing, conflict avoiding, peace maker.  Seeking the OSM is a daily endeavor and makes me uncomfortable, but I will continue to seek to be uncomfortable.

I love working at Outlook.  I love my co-workers and my customers.  I love the fact that we have we have a dog named Lucy.  I love the fact that we pray for each other and our families.  I love that we are huggers.   I love seeing co-workers grow and succeed.  I love the fact that our CEO and President can and does get choked up when he talks about family and the Outlook family.  I love that we talk about Love in our Vision statement.  To quote my late mother, “the shortest distance between two points is a straight line” and “All you need is Love”.  She really did say that!