Amrit Saini

Which value means the most to you? How do you live it each day?

Seeking the OSM is critical. Before I joined The Outlook Group, my specialty was user interface development. Here, I’m the sole full-time developer for our Customer Relationship Management platform, ORMS. From the beginning of my time here, I’ve had to jump head first into seemingly too deep waters and swim through to the other side. However, it’s this continual process of diving in, having the OSM, and preserving long enough to solve the problem that has made grown most as an engineer, as a professional, and even as a person.

Why do you do what you do?

Ever since I was a kid, I loved building things. Remember LEGOS? My playroom was nothing but. At its core, programming is a creative endeavor. I get to spend my days making things and solving fascinating problems, and the folks at OG have been kind enough to give me my own sandbox in which I spend weeks at a time experimenting.