Lead Generation

Providing Lead Generation Support.

The Outlook Group offers you various lead generation marketing materials available as comprehensive campaigns or on an a la carte basis, including:

  • Pre-need guides designed to explain the value of pre-planning to your families
  • A series of direct mail pieces that drive lead generation
  • Ready-to-place newspaper ads and inserts designed to spark interest and encourage inquiries

We also offer marketing assessment tools:

  • Better segmentation and customer targeting using demographic, psychographic and other profiling techniques

This array of marketing communications and materials:

  • Enhance existing business and lay the foundation for empathetic discussions and supportive experiences with your families
  • Give you the option to pick and choose which materials you offer your families, depending on their unique needs

Presentation materials include brochures, direct mail, print ads and web-based programs that serve as tools to help you connect with and support your families prior to their time of need

Lead Generation

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